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?  中国建筑第六工程局有限公司(以下简称中国建筑六局)是世界500强企业、中国最具国际竞争力的建筑地产集团--中国建筑股份有限公司的骨干成员企业。








  Corporation Profile

  China Construction Sixth Engineering Division Corp. Ltd. is one of significant backbones of China State Construction Engineering Corporation (one of the top 500 enterprises in the world, construction and real estate group with most international competitive capability in China)

  In the year of 1953, CCSED truly opened the first page of its own. Growing out of the combination by the Logistics Department of No.20 Corps of the People’s Liberation Army and Construction Engineering No.2 Division of the People’s Liberation Army, this troop embarked on the road business creation and development for 60 years from the construction of Changchun No.1 Automobile Manufactory works and started its rising trip from small to large and from week to strong.

  In October of 1980, as approved by State Council, this iron construction troop was re-founded as the Sixth Engineering Division of National Construction Engineering Bureau, and then was renamed as China Construction Sixth Engineering Bureau in July of 1982, affiliated to China State Construction Engineering Corporation. In December 2007, it was renamed again as China Construction Sixth Engineering Division Corp. Ltd. when China State Construction Engineering Corporation established it stockholding system and got listed into the stock-market.

  CCSED has obtained qualification of the super-class general contractor for building construction and class-A design qualification for construction industry (construction) , along with qualifications of class-A General Contractor for road work, civil public work and E&M installation work, class-A Specialty Contractor for architecture finish & decoration work, foundation work, steel structure work, bridge work and road pavement work, so we can undertakes works for house building, highway, railway, civil public work, port and waterway, hydraulic and hydroelectricity as construction general contractor , project general contractor or project management contractor.

  CCSED has four own funded subsidiary companies (all these companies are as general contractors with class-A qualification for building construction),one installation company as general contractor with class-A qualification for M&E installation work, one decoration company with two class-A qualifications as specialty companies, two real estate development companies, one class-A design institute, one Class-A consulting company, one provincial technology center, two professional laboratories and other specialty companies and regional branches such as engineering general contracting company, south branch company , East China branch company, infrastructure undertaking department, real estate undertaking department , railway company, subway company, bridge company, etc.

  In recent years, CCSED has adjusted the operating structure, changed the operational mechanism, and recruited high-end talent, so this enterprise has entered into a rapid development stage. Its main business involves fields of housing construction, infrastructure construction and investment, real estate development and investment as well as architectural design, supervision and consulting.

  In the field of housing construction, CCSED locates its position in the high-end market and adheres to the marketing strategy of "Large Client, Big Market, and Great Project". With series measures of tapping its own potential, strictly controlling product manufacturing costs and project quality, and pursuing customer satisfaction, CCSED provides considerate service to its clients nationwide or even worldwide with project quality and perfect service of international standards. It has fulfilled numbers of classic works in fields such as public buildings, offices, airports, hotels, science & education buildings, sports, human habitat, hospital, industrial buildings, defense and military building, transportation hub and so on.

  CCSED actively put the value view of “quality of construction is the most import; fine work is created through prudential management and high quality service spreads all over the world”,and would like to provide you with building service of international level with honest and credit culture, strong and solid management and broad and wide vision.

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